Petition to Sea Space

The Ore Valley DIY Regen project is an ambitious plan for the derelict former Power Station site in the Ore Valley. We believe this land should be owned by the people of Ore Valley, and that it should be dedicated to affordable housing, workspace, community facilities and woodland, built by and for people from the local area.

The project cannot make further progress until Sea Space agree the transfer of the land. Despite 40 years of dereliction and a positive response to our proposals a year ago, they have gone quiet on us. This lack of communication is holding up funding and limiting the activities we can carry out on site. So far we've got the support of local Labour, Conservative, Green and Lib Dem politicians and an 8ft petition board with nearly 500 signatures on it. Now we need you to sign here, to let Sea Space know you want this land handed over to the Community Land Trust for the benefit of the local community.

"We, the Undersigned, petition that the site of the former Broomgrove Power Station be passed into community ownership for the benefit of the people of the Ore Valley, now and forever."

194 signatures

Will you sign?